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Situated in Dunblane, Perthshire, Central Environmental Surveys is well placed to undertake commissions throughout Scotland and Northern England.

Recent clients include: Scottish Power, Scottish Natural Heritage, Historic Scotland, Solway Heritage, Central Regional Council, Strathclyde Regional Council, in addition to the following councils: Stirling Bearsden & Milngavie, Clydebank, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverclyde

The consultancy specialises in:

  • Habitat surveys (NVC mapping experience of most habitat types) using GPS.
  • Digital habitat mapping using the latest Geographical Information Systems.
  • Air photography rectification (two and three dimensional) with interpretation and mapping to a variety of habitat classifications.
  • Protected species survey, licencing and mitigation work.
  • Environmental constraint analysis and mitigation from datasets held by CES and field survey.
  • Ecological management planning (both site-based and strategic projects).
  • Ecological monitoring, interpretation and landscape analysis.
  • Local Biodiversity Action Plan auditing and analysis.
  • The consultancy has extensive experience of GIS, image manipulation, biological computing and database management. Vegetation analysis, species distribution and landscape models can all be processed and imaged.

Phase 1, NVC, CORINE or other vegetation surveys can be undertaken and examined through the latest multi-varient and trend analysis techniques.