Introduction to the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs Inventory

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  > Heritage Conservation (Issues)

  > Tourism (Issues)

  > Recreation (Issues)

  > The Water Resource (Issues)

  > Land use - FFCSE (Issues)

  > Access into the Countryside (Issues)

  > Planning and Economic Development (Issues)

Organisations and Datasets

  > Commercial Enterprises

  > Enterprise Companies

   >> Scottish Enterprise

   >> Highlands and Islands Enterprise

  > Scottish Environmental Protection Agency

   >> SEPA East Region

   >> SEPA West Region

  > Conservation Bodies

   >> Cultural Heritage Conservation Bodies

    >>> Historic Scotland - Edinburgh

    >>> Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historic Monuments of Scotland

   >> Forestry Commission

    >>> Forestry Authority - Edinburgh

    >>> Forestry Authority - Glasgow

    >>> Forestry Authority - Perth

   >> Loch Lomond Park Authority

   >> National Trust for Scotland - HQ

    >>> National Trust for Scotland - West Regional Office

   >> Scottish Natural Heritage

    >>> Scottish Natural Heritage - CSB

    >>> Scottish Natural Heritage - Mid and South Strathclyde Sub Area

    >>> Scottish Natural Heritage - SE Region (Stirling)

    >>> Scottish Natural Heritage - Information and Library Services

   >> Wildlife Conservation Bodies

    >>> Red Deer Commission

    >>> Scottish Wildlife and Countryside Link - Perth

    >>> Scottish Wildlife Trust - Edinburgh

    >>> Vincent Wildlife Trust

    >>> Wildlife and Wetlands Trust

  > Record Centres - Scotland

   >> Scottish Climate Office

  > Research Organisations - Scotland

   >> British Geological Survey - Edinburgh

   >> Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group

    >>> SAC Advisory Service (CFWAG)

   >> Institute of Terrestrial Ecology - Banchory

   >> Macaulay Land Use Research Institute

    >>> Soils of Scotland

   >> Scottish Agricultural College - Auchincruive

   >> Institute of Freshwater Ecology: Penicuik Laboratory

  > Research Organisations - GB

   >> British Geological Survey - London

   >> British Geological Survey - Nottingham

   >> British Geological Survey - Wallingford

   >> Natural Environment Research Council (NERC): Sea Mammal Research Unit

   >> Institute of Freshwater Ecology: Windemere Laboratory

  > Recreation Bodies

   >> Recreation Bodies - Water

   >> Fishing Associations

   >> Scottish Sports Council

   >> Scottish Youth Hostel Association

  > Tourist Boards

   >> Scottish Tourist Board

   >> Argyll, the Isles, Loch Lomond, Stirling and Trossachs Tourist Board

  > Country/Regional/Forest Park

  > Landowners

   >> Estates

   >> National Farmer's Union for Scotland - Stirling

  > Voluntary Bodies

   >> Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland

   >> Scottish Civic Trust

   >> Scottish Native Woods

  > Government - GB

   >> HMSO

  > Scottish Office

   >> Scottish Office - Library

   >> Scottish Office Agriculture, Environment and Fisheries Department

    >>> Freshwater Fisheries Laboratory

    >>> Environmental Affairs Group

   >> Scottish Office Development Department

   >> Scottish Office Education and Industry Department

    >>> National Roads Directive

  > Councils

   >> Argyll and Bute Council - Planning, Development and Tourism

   >> Stirling Council - Environmental Services

   >> Stirling Council - Environmental Startegy

  > Professional Institutions and Societies

   >> Royal Scottish Geographical Society

  > Universities

   >> University of Glasgow Field Station

  > Libraries

   >> National Library of Scotland

   >> Planning Exchange

  > Other

   >> Loch Lomond Water Ski Association

   >> Trossachs Water Ski Club

   >> Loch Lomond Angling Improvement Association

   >> Scottish Anglers National Association

   >> British Field Sports Society

   >> Ramblers' Association

   >> Scottish Rights of Way Society

   >> Argyll Forest Parkt

   >> Loch Lomond regional Park

   >> Queen Elizabeth Forest Park

   >> Ardvorlich Estate

   >> Argyll and Islands Enterprise : The Enterprise Centre

   >> Glenample Estate

   >> Glenfalloch Estate

   >> National Farmers Union for Scotland

   >> Scottish Landowners' Federation

   >> Crofters' Commission

   >> Friends of Loch Lomond

   >> Keep Scotland Beautiful : (Environmental Advisers)

   >> Tourism & the Environment Initiative : c/o Highlands & Islands Enterprise

   >> Reforesting Scotland

   >> Scottish Association for Public Transport

   >> Scottish Council for National Parks

   >> Scottish Scenic Trust

   >> Scottish Wild Land Group

   >> Trossachs Trail Tourism Management Programme

   >> Rural Forum

   >> Department of Education and Employment

   >> Department of the Environment : Land and General Statistics Division

   >> Ministry of Defence : Defence Land Agent

   >> Scottish Office : Agriculture, Environment and Fisheries Department

   >> Local Office

   >> Argyll and Bute Council : Department of Ecomonic Development

   >> Argyll and Bute Council : Department of Roads and Lighting

   >> Argyll and Bute Council : Department of Education

   >> Argyll & Bute Council : Housing Department

   >> SEPA North Region HQ

   >> West Dumbartonshire Council : Department of Ecomonic Development

   >> West Dumbartonshire Council : Department of Roads and Lighting

   >> West Dumbartonshire Council : Department of Leisure & Recreation

   >> Perth & Kinross Council : Department of Economic Development

   >> Perth and Kinross Council : Department of Education

   >> Perth & Kinross District Council : Department of Planning

   >> Perth & Kinross District Council : Department of Housing

   >> Perth & Kinross Council : Department of Leisure & Recreation

   >> West Dumbartonshire Council : Department of Planning & Development

   >> West Dumbartonshire Council : Housing

   >> West Dumbartonshire Council : Department of Education

   >> Stirling Council : Housing Department

   >> Stirling Council : Department of Leisure & Recreation

   >> Stirling District Council : Countryside Ranger Service

   >> Stirling Council : Department of Education

   >> Stirling Council : Department of Roads and Lighting, Technical and Commercial Services

   >> Loch Lomond Association

   >> Geological Society of London

   >> Royal Geographical Society

   >> Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors : Library Department

   >> Royal Town Planning Institute

   >> Scottish Hydro Electric plc. : Headquarters

   >> former Director of Planning SDC

   >> British Waterways - Scottish Region : Crinan Canal Office

   >> The Environment Centre

   >> COSLA

   >> University of Glasgow : Department of Zoology

   >> University of St Andrews. : Department of Biology and Preclinical Medicine,

   >> Heriot Watt University : Edinburgh College of Art

   >> University of Dundee : School of Town and Regional Planning

   >> University of Edinburgh : Department of Archaeology

   >> University of Edinburgh : Institute of Ecology and Resource Management

   >> University of Edinburgh : Department of Geography

   >> University of Edinburgh : Department of Geology & Geophysics

   >> University of Edinburgh : Centre for Human Ecology

   >> University of Glasgow : School of History Archaeology & Archaeology

   >> University of Glasgow : Department of Geography & Topographic Science

   >> University of Glasgow : Department of Geology & Applied Geology

   >> University of Glasgow : Department of Botany

   >> Institute of Freshwater Ecology : Edinburgh Laboratory

   >> University of Liverpool : Department of Environmental and Evolutionary Biology

   >> University of Edinburgh : Department of Chemistry

   >> University of Lancaster : Unit of Vegetation Science

   >> University of Stirling : Department of Environmental Science

   >> University of Strathclyde : Centre of Planning

   >> David Marshall Lodge

   >> Queen Elizabeth Park Visitor Centre

   >> Rob Roy Centre

   >> Scottish Homes

   >> Scottish Natural Heritage : South East Scotland Region

   >> Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland

   >> Council for Scottish Archaeology

   >> Historic Scotland HQ : Department of Planning

   >> Historic Scotland : Planning Section

   >> Scottish Power Plc

   >> Royal Fine Art Commission for Scotland

   >> Scottish Conservation Projects Trust

   >> Scottish Trust for Underwater Archaeology : Department of Archaeology

   >> Forest Enterprise : South Scotland

   >> Scot Rail : Area Manager

   >> Argyll and Bute Countryside Trust

   >> British Deer Society - Scotland

   >> Deer Management & Control Contractors

   >> Fish Conservation Centre

   >> Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

   >> Royal Society for the Protection of Birds : South & West Scotland Regional Office

   >> Scottish Ornithological Club : Clyde Branch

   >> Scottish Wildlife Trust

   >> Scottish Wildlife & Countryside Link

   >> World WiId Fund for Nature - Scotland

   >> Botanical Society of Edinburgh : Royal Botanic Garden

   >> Central Region Biological Record Centre : (Scottish Local Records Centre)

   >> Falkirk Museums : (Scottish Local Records Centre)

   >> Glasgow Art Gallery & Museum : (Scottish Local Records Centre)

   >> Paisley Museum & Art Gallery : (Scottish Local Records Centre)

   >> Meteorological Office

   >> Scottish Agricultural College Aberdeen : School of Agriculture

   >> Dumbartonshire Enterprise

   >> Environmental Information Centre : Biological Records Centre

   >> British Trust for Ornithology : National Centre for Ornithology

   >> Institute of Freshwater Ecology : IFE River Laboratory

   >> Institute of Hydrology

   >> Institute of Terrestrial Ecology Merlewood

   >> Institute of Terrestrial Ecology

   >> Joint Nature Conservation Committee

   >> Forth Valley Enterprise

   >> Meteorological Office : Commercial Services

   >> National Remote Sensing Centre Limited : Headquarters

   >> National Remote Sensing Centre Limited : Data Sales

   >> Ordnance Survey

   >> British Water Ski Federation

   >> Loch Archray Water Ski Club

   >> Lochearnhead Water Sports Centre

   >> Loch Earn Watersports Centre

   >> Scottish Enterprise Tayside

   >> SOAEFD: Division B [Land Use and Crofting, ESA's, Forestry Conservation and Environmental Policy]

   >> SOAEFD: Division E [General Agricultural policy; EC Co-ordination; Co-operation and Marketing; Structural Support for Agriculture and Emergency Planning.]

   >> SOAEFD: Division F [Business Systems;]

   >> Scottish Office Divisions: Rural Affairs and Natural Heritage Division [Sponsorship of Scottish Natural Heritage and Advisory Committee of SSSI's; EC Directives on habitats and wild birds; UK biodiversity policy; designations and casework on natural heritage and countryside matters; rural policy; coastal policy; environmental aspects of agriculture and forestry; Central Scotland Woodland Initiative; amenity trees; voluntary environmental sector; rural and natural heritage research.]

   >> Scottish Office Divisions: Water Services Unit [Sponsorship of 3 Scottish Water and Sewerage Authorities and Customers Council; policy and legislation on water and sewerage including EC Directives]

   >> Scottish Office Divisions: Interim Civil Engineering Unit [Responsible for policy, legislation and grants on flood prevention and coast protection; engineering services to Scottish agriculture; Environment and Fisheries Department; deals with appeals, determination, Compulsory Purchase Orders etc in relation to the Water services and Environment Matters.]

   >> Scottish Office Divisions: Pollution Control Unit [Sponsorship of Scottish Environmental Protection Agency; policy and legislation on pollution control in respect of solid waste, water and air, including radioactive waste, contaminated land and all related EC Directives.]

   >> Scottish Office Divisions: EC and Sustainable Development Unit [Strategic co-ordination of EC matters with the Environmental Affairs Group; responsible for sustainable development.]

   >> SODD: Planning Division [Development control and development planning, policies and procedures; land compensation; advertisement control policy; minerals planning; Royal Fine Art Commission for Scotland.]

   >> SOEID: NRD Policy and Programme Division [Motorway and trunk road policy, programming and financial planning including private finance; output monitoring; roads business plan; road safety initiatives and policy; roads legislation and road traffic legislation; traffic signs and traffic management; local roads statutory procedures and construction consent appeals; general Directorate matters]

   >> SOEID: NRD Engineering and Procurement Division [Planning briefs; economic and environment appraisals; National Traffic Census; computer applications; major development applications; contract claims; conditions of contract; specification; materials; landscaping; design standards; driver information; bridges; Research]

   >> SOEID: NRD Schemes and Territorial Division [Design and construction of trunk road and motorway schemes; statutory procedures; management of the trunk road network, including route action plans. AIP and maintenance schemes; comprehensive strategic studies, statutory functions; damage claims; surplus land; litter, roadside facilities; industrial infrastructure grants]

   >> SOEID: NRD Transport and Local Roads Division [Public transport provision throughout Scotland. Ferry services, including sponsorship of Caledonian MacBrayne Ltd (CalMac) and financial assistance to CalMac and other Highlands and Islands ferry operators, and to pier and harbour facilities. Bus services. Scottish Transport Group - residential functions. Aire services, including financial assistance to Highlands and Islands air services. Rail services, including grants for provision of rail freight facilities. Administration of Erskine Bridge and policy on tolls on Forth and Tay Road Bridges. Local roads and public transport policy, including transport policies and programmes and Strathclyde Passenger Transport Executive EC transport matters, road haulage and inland waterways.]

Research Interests

  > Adams C.E.

  > Best G.A.

  > Brown E.A.R.

  > Dickinson G.

  > Doughty C.R.

  > Farmer J.G.

  > George D.G.

  > Gunn I.D.M.

  > Maitland P.S.

  > Moss B.

  > Murphy K.J.

  > Lyle A.A.

  > Pomeroy P.P.

  > Tippett R.


  > Physical Characteristics

  > Heritage Conservation

   >> Built Heritage

   >> Nature Conservation

   >> Habitats

   >> Wildlife Species

   >> Wildlife Manegement

  > Tourism

   >> Tourist facilities

  > Recreation

  > Water Resource

   >> Pollution

   >> Water Quality

   >> Water Management

  > Access into the Countryside

   >> Railway

   >> Rights of Way

   >> Roads

  > Land use - Farming, Forestry, Country Sports and Estates

   >> Land Management

  > Planning and Economic Development

   >> Legislation

   >> Planning

  > Administration and Finance

   >> Administrative Framework


  > Designated Areas

  > Geographic Areas

   >> Lochs/Water bodies

   >> Mountains

   >> Places/Buildings

   >> Rivers

   >> Settlements/Villages

   >> Woodlands/Forests/Country Parks

  > Maps